Pastel decor trend

Pastel decor trend

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Nov 28 2016

If you love something a little girly, a little young, or a little weird, then your home will look great with the pastel trend (if you’re brave enough).

Turn any room into an explosion of colour and cuteness by surrounding yourself with all sorts of pastel colours. There’s a huge variety of shades and tones, and few pastel colours clash with each other, making for a comfortably colourful room.

And it’s all perfectly on trend, whether you go modern or vintage with it. Pantone’s colours of the year are pale and soothing, rose quartz and serenity, which is very close to being a pastel combination.

Here’s 5 ideas for an on trend pastel home.

1. Pastel as a statement

 Home-Styling: From My Current Obsession Folder - Pastel pink:
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Whether it’s one wall painted in your favourite pastel shade, or a statement piece of furniture that brightens up the room, pastel colours can be used as a single feature.

Bring in a stand-out vintage chair in pastel blue fabric, or cover a wall in pastel yellow wallpaper for a stunning and quirky feature wall. Or keep it simple by adding some pretty pastel pillows to the couch or bed for a subtle touch.

2. Something unique

Gemstone garden:
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Decorate your home with unique pieces that will definitely be a talking point for visitors. Pictured above is a gemstone garden littered with beautiful pastel colours.

Or why not buy some vintage items and paint them in your favourite pastel shades. Typewriters or old cameras can be found in all sorts of op shops and vintage stores for cheap, and can make a great cost effective decorative piece if you unleash your imagination.

3. DIY it

Gekleurde, glazen flesjes in je favo kleur maak je makkelijk zelf! Bewaar een flesje, doe hier een klein beetje verf in. Draai het flesje op z'n kop en zorg dat de verf de gehele binnenkant van het flesje beslaat. Laten drogen en klaar!:
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You don’t have to dish out a lot of cash for this trend, and creating your own decorative items are so easy because these colours are so widely available. Collect some glass bottles and paint the inside for a shiny, pastel look (easier than it sounds, don’t worry).

Or create your own candle holders by buying some cheap glass jars from a dollar store and adding a pop of pastel colours.

4. Absolutely EVERYTHING

Pastel kitchen:
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If you’re really in love with the trend, just colour absolutely everything in pastel. Why not?

Guaranteed to be very well paired with the vintage trend, and a very bold statement for your home.

Not at all recommended if you prefer something subtle.

5. A touch of pastel with a modern style

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As previously mentioned, Pantone’s colours of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity (pictured above). With this modern (albeit, throw back to the 80’s) colour combination, it’s easy to work some pastel colours in with the look.

Pair some pretty pastel pinks with modern pieces and patterns to subtly integrate your love of pastel into your home while shying away from the vintage trend. Some pillows, some statement decorative peices, or a an entire feature wall are all perfect ways to integrate pastel into your home.