Exit Tips: how to leave a rental property hassle free

Exit Tips: how to leave a rental property hassle free

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on May 15 2017

Exiting a rental home can be a long and complicated process for both the tenant and the property managers. With all the packing, moving, cleaning, and paper work, you as a tenant are probably stressed and spread a bit too thin.

Here’s 3 tips to ensure that your exit is hassle free.
  1. Pay for bond cleaners
Instead of cleaning a house from top to bottom yourself, why not hire a bond cleaner who can do it in one day?

Let’s be honest, if you’re a full-time worker and you’re moving house, you’re probably too exhausted and time poor to do a brilliant job of cleaning the house completely.

So why not hire someone who will clean the house like a true professional and save yourself some time and back ache. And don't forget that carpets have to be professionally steam-cleaned.
  1.  Check the checklist
It may sound rather elementary, but ticking the boxes off the checklist ensures not only that you haven’t forgotten to do something, but also that your property manager will be thoroughly satisfied with the exit.

Every property manager is unique, and they may have slightly different expectations with exiting a property. Making sure that you’ve ticked all the boxes can make sure your property manager doesn’t call you back later to finish something off.  

Plus, having a list to work through on paper really does make working through the process a lot easier.
  1. Don’t leave it all for one day
The mistake that many tenants make is rushing through it all in one day. Even though it costs more to have overlapping tenancies with two properties, it’s better to have at least two or three days to get the process over with.

Pack your stuff way ahead of time, then dedicate an entire day to moving it all and start cleaning. Use the second day to really get into it and clean that house from top to bottom.

Unless you’ve decided on hiring bond cleaners, you’ll need a lot of time to clean the property. Planning ahead and ensuring you have enough time is essential when it comes to moving out of a rental, so don’t stress yourself out and make sure you have this all sorted.