So your house isn’t selling…

So your house isn’t selling…

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Nov 09 2016

The real estate market is an unforgiving battle ground, and no matter how hot the market looks, sometimes houses just don’t make it. It may be bad timing, the wrong strategy, or just bad luck.

If you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong, here’s a few things you can do to try to turn this ship around and sell your house.

1. Are you listening to your agent? 

Sometimes a seller might be a little stubborn to their detriment without realising it. Have you been reluctant on lowering the price? Have you tried to skimp on some advertising features that might have given your home that extra boost? Your agent is just as invested in selling your house as you are, so trust their expert advice and you can push through.

But what if your agent is just not performing? By all means, get a second opinion from somewhere else (read the contract you’ve signed with your current agent before you do anything with another agent). Going with a different agent and their unique strategy may suit your property better.

2. Invest in a small reno 

There’s a lot you can do to the house without having to spend too much money. Even just working on the back yard, or replacing the cabinet handles in your kitchen and bathrooms could make all the difference.

Look for the little things you can improve on inexpensively or on your own to make the property seem fresh and neat. Not many people want to buy a house that needs a lot of work or that’s (the dreaded word) “dated”. Maybe you’ll even get a better offer than you thought with a few small changes.

3. Take a break

So the timing was bad. Just take a break and come back when the market has been replenished with new buyers. Spend that time working on the house or just getting the stress of real estate off your mind.

When the time is right, try again. You’ll get a completely different reaction from buyers and sell your house in good time.

4. Rent it out

Maybe your house isn’t ready for selling, but it could be the perfect investment property that you never knew you had. The types of properties that are popular in sales are slightly different to those in rentals.

As long as your house has enough space and is in a good location, it’ll make a good rental. There are many potential tenants out there looking for a home, so take advantage of the rental market and call up a property manager for an appraisal. It may surprise you.