Market Update: Autumn, Kenmore’s hottest real estate season

Market Update: Autumn, Kenmore’s hottest real estate season

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Mar 06 2017

Ask the average person what their favourite season is, and most would say Autumn. The weather becomes fresh and crisp, gardens come alive with colour and the scent of falling leaves, and late buyers finally join the game after settling in to their routines. The Autumn months create a power flip to the seller’s advantage.”

Many agents agree that Spring is the best time to start selling because of eager buyers ready to pounce on the listing they want. But there’s so much to choose from, that the negotiation is often in the hands of the buyer. Because of the variety of listings on offer, they don’t have to bend to your price.

"The Autumn months create a power flip to the seller’s advantage.”

But things change in the Autumn months when the listings run low and buyers are still roaming the area for their new home, including new buyers late on the scene.

“Now is a great time to sell because there’s less competition,” said David Riley, Sales Marketing Specialist for LJ Hooker Kenmore.

“Homeowners can achieve better results in Autumn, especially in the Western Suburbs.”

It’s no lie when agents say that any season is a good season to start selling; however, for those who have properties with beautiful gardens that display gorgeous colour in these months, this is your moment.

Make your front and back garden the feature of the home. Make sure it’s tidy of leaves, maintain the plants to look lively and looked-after, and decorate the inside of the house with textures and warm colours to compliment the outside.

The Autumn and Spring seasons make selling a home less challenging for those with houses prone to heating up or being too cold.

“The weather is really what makes it a fantastic time to sell,” said Julie Crittenden, Principal agent of LJ Hooker Kenmore.

“Sellers no longer have to worry about certain rooms heating up in the summer sun; a house remains more comfortable throughout the day.”

Another perk of selling in Autumn is the beautiful lighting that shines off the red and gold leaves with clouds to dampen the brightness, so take full advantage of that in photos and open houses.

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