Boho: turn your home into a collector’s dream

Boho: turn your home into a collector’s dream

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Sep 12 2016

Boho (Bohemianism) decor is back in style, and it’s arguably the most simple and cost-effective way to decorate your home. Boho decor relies very much on unique collectibles and DIY pieces, which allows you to incorporate your personality into your home and can be very low cost.

The movement originated from the early nineteenth century in the Romani neighbourhoods of France; where artists, musicians, writers, and actors pursued an unconventional lifestyle of free love and voluntary poverty. They were non-materialistic wanderers, who were dedicated to the arts and non-conformity. Essentially, they were the hippies of the nineteenth century.

Nowadays, Boho is more style than a lifestyle and many people find themselves attracted to the natural feeling and authenticity of it. Here are five ideas to get you started on re-creating the nomadic and vintage style of Boho.

1. Patterns

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Think Persian carpets and mandalas; patterns that are intricate and full of little details. The more patterns the better, even if they are opposites. Having that contrast of lots of patterns brings life to your home and can give a feeling of busyness, so beware of small spaces and use it to fill up big empty rooms that need it. They can be as colourful as you like, and the different tones can achieve various feels to the room depending on how you want it: bright colours can make the space feel psychedelic, whereas earthy tones are calming and give off a nature vibe.

2. Bring in some greenery

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Having lots of plants in your home not only looks very beautiful, but can also be very good for you. Nurturing and watching plants grow is very calming and rewarding, and they provide fresh and clean air to your home. Having plants that flower also gives colour, and if there’s anything that can bring new life to a room, it’s blooming plants. There are plenty of indoor plant options to choose from, and most of them are relatively easy to care for. The best parts of an indoor garden is that they’re mobile, excellent for apartments, and very low-maintenance (no weeding!). You can also add more patterns and colour with some elaborate pots to house your indoor plants, either buying some stylish pots or painting them yourself!

3. Make your own pieces using things you find in nature

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As previously mentioned, DIY pieces are highly encouraged to achieve the Boho look and is a very low-cost way to decorate your home. Create some wall art with painted sticks and twigs, or create a hanging window piece using coloured glass or shells that you collect from the beach and fishing line. One trend that was popular for a while was to create hanging Christmas trees using driftwood that cascaded downwards on a string from smallest to biggest. Spray paint some pine cones or fill a vase with painted twigs and pebbles. Anything that you’ve made yourself with natural resources contributes to that Boho look, and is something you can show off to visitors.

4. A variety of textures

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Having different fabrics with different textures provides some lovely contrast to a room, and adds an extra element to your decor, as they are soothing to touch. A woven rug, satin or silk sheets, a fur throw, and cotton, patterned pillows can make a bedroom feel very luxurious and Boho. Having different textures to touch adds a calming and subdued feel, which is perfect for your home, as it is your sanctuary. Add some earthy or dark tones, and it’ll be extra calming; or, pair the different textures idea with some bright colours for some contrast and an energetic feel.

5. Weird and wonderful collectibles 

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Whether you find something you love from your travels, or just an odd piece from a vintage store or op shop, having unique items in your home adds to the Boho feel and gives your guests something to talk about. Customize it yourself to add some personality to the piece, or have a shelf with all sorts of collectible items to add some variety to the room. Collect weird wall art, little knick-knack bowls, miniature sculptures, or whatever else you can find. It’s very common for people to collect vintage style coloured glass candle holders and keep them around the house. Little touches like that can turn your house into a home.