5 ways to organise your home

5 ways to organise your home

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Mar 27 2017

Staying on top of keeping things tidy is such a hassle, especially if you have kids. Life just seems to be full of endless clutter and messes.
If you often find yourself scratching your head, wondering where to start with organising your home, then worry no longer: here’s 5 ways to organise your home.

1. Jars and Labels
12 Super Duper Mason Jar home organization ideas.:
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Keeping dry food like cereal and rice in their original packaging isn’t always safe to store in the pantry. You might find yourself buying smaller boxes or packages of food just to make sure that they don’t dry out or get bugs in them before you finish it.

The best way to ensure your food stays fresh and easy to organise is storing them in jars. You can easily find suitable jars with good rubber seals at the dollar store, and little labels are not hard to find either. If you prefer, you can also buy special plastic containers to store your dry food, but jars are much cheaper and better for the environment.

Keep your cereal, rice, nuts, and even sugar completely free of insects and easy to find.

2. Command Centre
A great list of 20 different organized "command centers" - amazing inspiration to actually create one myself!:
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Sometimes, your kids will surprise you with a weekend commitment that you find yourself rushing to on short notice. Or maybe you can’t remember that one thing you’re missing on your grocery list.

There’s an easy way to combat these little hiccups in your schedule by keeping a “command centre” in a common family area for everyone to use and refer to. Hang a calendar on the wall for kids to write their next sports game or choir practice on, or even to alert your partner of an up-coming dinner engagement. Write a chore schedule for your kids to easily remember what they’re tasked with and when they should do it. You can even keep a little notepad to write your grocery list as you notice that one thing you need.

With this method, there will be absolutely no confusion and everyone will be more prepared for the week.

3. Electrical wires
10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Washi Tape | Her Campus:
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If your office is just cluttered with all sorts of wires, there are some simple things you can do to make sure they don’t get tangled and improve the look of your study.

Start by labelling your cords with washi tape (you can buy this tape at stores like Daiso, or online) for a little bit of colour. Or if you prefer something clean and simple, some masking tape will do nicely.
Following that, you can stick your power boards on the wall behind your desk or in a discrete area using temporary Velcro strips (you can buy these in any hardware store). This also ensures that no dust falls into the outlets.

If you want to go the extra mile, use the tape or buy some specialty hooks to keep your wires away from the floor and hidden. Tape them to the back of the desk or the wall, and secure them with bull clips.
Sounds like a lot of effort, but you’ll notice the difference straight away.

4. Wicker boxes
Pantry Organization - storage ideas, printable labels, baskets, and racks... everything you need to keep your pantry organized!:
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Wicker boxes will be your new best friend. You can store anything in them and they will fit right in with your decor. Store cooking utensils in your pantry, keep office supplies at the ready to de-clutter your drawers, and even store clothes and toiletries!

Whatever’s causing an eye sore in your house, just keep neatly packed away in these adorable wicker boxes. You can find them in stores like K-mart and maybe even cheaper at dollar stores.
5. Organise your car
You can design a sturdy metal rack hanging from the rear seat of your vehicle with fabric magic straps. It is a storage of grocery bags, sports equipment, drinks and more. Besides, you can fold it up when not in use so that it is out of the way against the back of the seat. http://hative.com/storage-organization-ideas-for-your-car/:
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Another place for those wicker boxes? Your car! Keep some boxes in the boot to prevent groceries from rolling around, to store the kids’ backpacks and sports clothes for when you have a busy day, or keep some supplies – like a lint roller or spare grocery bags – just in case.

If you’re feeling creative, install a rack to maximise space. Or keep a hanging plastic shoe storage from the front seat to store some entertaining goodies for the kids on long road trips.