5 pattern trends for your next project

5 pattern trends for your next project

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Oct 13 2016

Whether you’re sewing a new cushion cover or tiling a feature wall in your bathroom, styling with patterns are a unique way to decorate a room. Use multiple patterns and contrast them against each other, or just create a stand out piece for the room that steals the show. Here’s 5 pattern trends that will add some life to your home.

1. Floral patterns

I'd love to have a big floral print in my future bathroom.:
Photo credit: artofsoul.net

Always in style, using floral patterns is the perfect way to add colour to a room. This classic pattern theme is perfect for a wallpaper-ed feature wall, or some gorgeous throw pillows on an empty bed or couch. Let it be spring time all the time in your home with some floral freshness.

2. Geometric patterns

Moroccan Collection - Nancy Straughan flooring. http://decdesignecasa.blogspot.it/:
Photo credit: emmallamb.com

A very popular trend in interior decorating right now is geometric patterned tiles. Arrange unique shapes on your bathroom floor, or use tiles that are 3 dimensional to create a textured splash back for your kitchen. With geometric patterns, there’s so much to play with. Use deep greens and teal for a retro feel, or only tile a section of your wall to create a kind of wall art piece. Don’t limit this pattern to just tiles, use it on cushions or throw down a geometric rug to add something interesting to the room.

3. Marble print

Marble Art Print More:
Photo credit: society6.com

Marble gives the room a luxurious vibe, and has a very calming quality. A common use for marble is in the kitchen or bathroom as a counter top or floor tile, but you can find marble patterns and prints everywhere. Nowadays, a variety of marble prints feature on cushions, wall art, and furniture pieces. Marble is a classic pattern that can be used anywhere, even a small coffee table surface or decorative cheese board.

4. Moroccan patterns

Moroccan tile-print pattern- perfect on a shirt or a-line skirt to add dimension to a look More:
Photo credit: etsy.com/babushkadesign

If you’re looking for an explosion of colour and shapes, then Moroccan patterns are the way to go. With so much room for creativity and your own personal touches, creating a tiled floor or wall mural is a beautiful way to really bring a room to life. If you’re thinking of installing an outdoor shower or a wall mural for your garden, then this idea is perfect. Add a pop of colour inside and outside with this classic and vibrant pattern.

5. Mix it up

Beautiful tile in talavera style adds richness and color to any room. Would be a beautiful backsplash in my kitchen.:
 Photo credit: burkeewig.tumblr.com

Why limit yourself to one pattern when you can have them all? Piece together all your favourite patterns to create something really unique. With patterns, there are no rules. Mix and match as you like with anything in your home. Create an outstanding rug or quilt to add contrasting colours to a room, or you can even collect vintage tiles and arrange your very own unique kitchen splash back or table top. Go to any antique store and you’re sure to find some interesting fabrics or tiles you can use to create something wonderful.