5 DIY projects for your bedroom

5 DIY projects for your bedroom

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Oct 20 2016

Creating your own pieces can add a personal touch to your home and is sometimes surprisingly cheap and easy. A quick search on Pinterest comes up with an alarmingly large amount of ideas, and most provide step-by-step tutorials so there’s no guessing on how to make it. Here are 5 DIY project ideas, specifically for your bedroom.

1. Pallet furniture

Picture credit: dengarden.com

You see these things everywhere, on construction sites, warehouses, and junk yards. If you can get your hands on some of these, there’s so many pieces of furniture you can create. Using pallets as furniture is a huge trend right now, and can save you a lot of money on pieces while looking very trendy.

You can create a bed, a corner reading nook complete with pillows, an outdoor bench for your bedroom balcony, or even a stylish shelf. Varnish the pallets for a rustic look, or paint them white to add to a seaside theme. So cheap and easy, keeping some of these things handy if you can find some is a great idea.

2. Furniture made from wooden crates

Picture credit: homebnc.com

You can find all sorts of crates on the internet for cheap or you might get lucky and find some in junk yards or street corners. They’re so stable and versatile, allowing for so many possibilities when creating something.

You can make a coffee table in all sorts of shapes and variations, a book shelf, an elaborately shelved desk for extra storage space and a conversation point, an ottoman, or even a fabulous vintage sideboard. Paint them all sorts of colours, or simply varnish them. Cheap, easy, and fun to create.

3. Pick things up from outside

Picture credit: emma-courtney.com

If you find some good logs, pine cones, sticks, or anything you like from outside, why not keep them around to decorate your home?

Spray paint them, add some to your flower arrangements, create stand out pieces with big branches, or even decorate a bowl with some natural pieces that you find. It doesn’t have to be forest inspired pieces, why not shells or bird feathers (clean them first, obviously). Bring nature indoors.

4. Make a head board out of literally anything

Picture credit: decoratingyoursmallspace.com

Got some old doors lying around? How about some window shutters, or pallets, or even old pieces of wood and some paint. If you have something lying around, chances are you can use it as a headboard.

Create a padded fabric headboard with some fabric, push pins, stuffing, and some thick cardboard. Or attach some old planks of wood together and paint some patterns on there. Headboards are perfect to add a little something extra to a bedroom, plus you can make one yourself out of literally anything.

5. Paddle pop sticks

Picture credit: diyjoy.com

Yes, paddle pop sticks are a little 3rd grade arts and crafts, but they can be very useful if you or your children have a small addiction to ice cream on a stick. Keep those handy to make a wall shelf, elaborate light shades, geometric candle holders, little pen storage boxes, or even a CD stack (if you’re still nostalgic about your music).

You can even varnish or paint them. I guarantee that by the time you’re done with these paddle pop sticks, no one will even know what your created item is made of.