3 tips on preparing for an open home

3 tips on preparing for an open home

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Oct 18 2016

The most important part of selling your house is arguably the open homes. It gives your potential buyers an opportunity to see the house with their own eyes and imagine what it would be like to live there.

Agents lovingly show the home to visitors and sell it the best they can, but you as the seller can do a lot more to make sure the open home is taken full advantage of. Here’s 3 tips on how to prepare your property for an open home.

1. Clean clean clean 

Nothing turns off a buyer more than a dirty house. Make sure that absolutely everything in your home is clean. Shampoo your carpets, vacuum and dust all over the house, and tidy up the backyard, including mowing your lawn and weeding everything.

Not only does a clean property make a buyer happy, but it also disguises the amount of maintenance your property needs. If the weeds and the dirty carpets are in plain view, it gives the buyer the impression that the house needs work. Take that thought out of the equation, and let the buyers have positive ideas about buying your property.

2. Temporarily remove personal items 

Things like family photos, coat hangers with coats on them, shoe racks, or even souvenirs from your travels should be temporarily hidden out of sight while potential buyers go through the home.

This allows for the buyers to imagine their own belongings in parts of the house, and they can start thinking of the home as theirs rather than yours.

3. Dress up your property 

Make sure that your house is dressed to impress, by adding some extra decor items to make the home feel well decorated. The aura of a room is dictated by the furniture and the decor, so decorate accordingly.

Add some extra throws and pillows, buy some fresh flowers, or even create a fruit bowl. Decorating rooms makes it feel less empty and allows the buyers to feel at ease when they enter your house. Just having furniture in the house makes it look like a show home, especially considering that you’ve removed all your personal items. Make your property come alive.