3 things you need to know before storm season hits

3 things you need to know before storm season hits

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Sep 23 2016

Summer time is approaching, and every Brisbanite is looking forward to the warm weather, the holiday season, and the refreshing summer rain.

But with the feel-good vibes of summer comes the dreaded storm season, which can lead to devastating events, especially to your home. Find below 3 handy tips for this year’s storm season and a list of contacts for all your storm preparation needs.

1. Gather a collection of extra supplies 

You never know when the power is going to go out or if you’ll be flooded in, so having some extra supplies handy is a good idea just in case. According to Brisbane City Council, your kit should include a portable, battery operated radio with a list of radio stations for emergency broadcasts; a torch with a spare bulb; spare batteries; candles or a gas lantern with matches or extra gas; reasonable stocks of fresh water and canned or dry food; a basic first aid kit; strong shoes and rubber gloves; a waterproof bag for essential documents (such as certificates) and valuables; a list of emergency contact numbers; and a car charger for your mobile phone. As excessive as it seems, you definitely won’t be sorry you have it when a situation arises where you’ll need these supplies.

2. Prepare your home 

There’s a lot of objects on your property that pose a huge risk when a storm approaches. So to prepare your property, make sure that all the gutters are cleaned out and that your trees and hedges are trimmed appropriately. Look around your backyard and see if there are any loose objects or pieces of furniture that will need to be brought inside when the time comes. It’s also a good idea to keep plastic bags and large garbage bags with tape handy just in case you need sandbags or a quick and easy way to create some emergency rain protection. Keep some tarp handy for your vehicles that aren’t covered, and make sure all your appliances are unplugged when you see a storm coming.

3. What to do after the storm passes

Check your property for any damage that needs urgent fixing, and make sure to stay clear of any fallen power lines! You can find energex’s contact below if you come across a fallen power line. If your property is all good, it couldn’t hurt to check if your neighbours need any help with anything to make sure everyone in our community is safe. Be aware of any damaged buildings or trees and flooded watercourses. Be safe, and fix all things that need it to prevent injuries after the storm.

Contact list:

If you need help cleaning out your gutters or fixing up any maintenance before storm season, here’s some great contacts we recommend:

Nutters Gutters, professional gutter cleaning:

0400 656 742 


Matt’s Property Maintenance:

0414 952 114

0405 465 050


Although an emergency is not very likely, here’s a list of emergency contacts to keep around just in case.


If you come across fallen power lines, call this number:

13 19 62

To report power interruptions, call this number:

13 62 62

State Emergency Service (SES):

132 500

For all emergencies, don’t hesitate to call 000 (triple zero).