Market Update: forget what you know about selling in Winter; the time is now!

Market Update: forget what you know about selling in Winter; the time is now!

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Jun 12 2017

You’ve probably heard it many times: Winter is not the best time to sell. Buyers tend to stay indoors and sellers like to take a break from selling. That’s all rubbish! Now is the best time to sell!

Don’t wait for Spring, strike when the buyers are still out there and with little choice. Low stock doesn’t mean low demand, and your property could attract more buyers in Winter than in Spring.

“If you start selling in Winter, you could beat your competition who are waiting for Spring. So don’t wait!” Says David Riley, Sales Marketing Specialist at LJ Hooker Kenmore.

Everybody starts selling in Spring time; it’s been said again and again in the Real Estate industry that Spring is THE time to start selling. But if you get in ahead of Spring, you attract the dedicated buyers who are set on searching for their next home.

This year especially, stock is fairly low, but buyers are still searching. With such high demand, your house will stand out more than it would in Spring when every seller lists their property.

Some vendors fear selling in Winter because they believe it’s too cold, but Queensland only has an average of 15 degrees during Winter and the days are usually sunny. Buyers still roam the internet for their next house and attend open homes.

“The idea that Winter is a bad season for Real Estate is a hangover from the Victoria and New South Wales market, where it’s deathly cold and the gardens don’t look as nice as they would in other months,” says Julie Crittenden, Principal of LJ Hooker Kenmore.

“Here in Queensland, we’re fortunate to have beautiful gardens all year round and selling in Winter is rarely a problem.”

To make your home feel warmer on those particularly chilly days, turn the heating on and decorate your house with soft and cosy furnishings. Think wool throws on your beds and sofas and lush carpets.

As for unflattering listing photos, Brisbane Winters are filled with plenty of sunny days that provide excellent lighting for your property. You don’t have to fear clouds in your photos, and with technology nowadays, anything that interferes with your photos being absolutely perfect can be fixed.

Beware of any problems with the house, like clogged up gutters or a leaky roof. Winter will show the issues with your home, but as long as you’ve kept it in good condition, Winter should be a great time to sell.