What do buyers want?

What do buyers want?

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Jul 19 2017

One of the best things that can come from an open home (besides a sale, of course) is buyer feedback. Agents give open home attendees several opportunities to express why they’re reluctant to put an offer on the house, providing some valuable information about what your target buyers are looking for.

Here’s 3 common pieces of feedback our agents have received about what would make a house more desirable to buyers.
  1. Covered entertaining areas

One thing every buyer doesn’t want to spend extra money on is an outdoor entertaining area.

“A buyer is more likely to make an offer if the outdoor entertaining area is welcoming and large enough to entertain guests,” says David Riley, one of our expert real estate agents at LJ Hooker Kenmore.

“Investing in an outdoor area is a great way to add value to your home.”

What seems like a huge expense could add substantially to the price of your property, and buyers would definitely be more interested if they can jump straight into the Queensland weekend lifestyle.

David provides some interesting advice for creating the ideal flow from inside to outside: "An outdoor area should flow from the kitchen and dining area, so consider installing double bi-fold doors and windows to bring the outdoors inside."
  1. Neat kitchen and bathrooms

You’ve probably heard the saying that the kitchen will make or break a sale. And for some buyers, that’s true.

“Most people would prefer to have a house that requires minimal renovations and updates,” says Rashmi Mangar, another one of our talented sales agents.

“If there were two rooms that this applies to, it’s kitchens and bathrooms. They are the most expensive and complicated to renovate, and some buyers would rather buy a house with those rooms ready to use.”

Ensure that your kitchen and bathrooms are updated and neat; allow the buyer to transfer their personality into the space without having to spend too much on revamping an old room.
  1. Light

Perhaps not so surprising is the suggestion that the house needs more light. It may seem impossible to fix this problem, but it sure is worth it when it comes to selling the house.

“If an area is particularly dark, perhaps an extra window or a skylight is a good idea,” says Julie Crittenden, the principal of LJ Hooker Kenmore.

“People enjoy natural light, so make sure that the house has plenty of it.”

If you’re concerned about adding an extra window, then a lighter shade of paint can make the room feel more light-filled.
  1. What do tenants want?

If you’re a landlord or looking to buy an investment property, there’s a couple of things your property could be lacking that sends potential tenants away. The biggest deal breaker? No aircon or ceiling fans.

“I find that the majority of tenants out there think of aircon and ceiling fans as an absolute necessity,” says John Crittenden, our Senior Property Manager.

“It gets really hot in Queensland; and unlike a buyer, a tenant can’t install aircon or ceiling fans themselves in a rental property.”

If you want to reach more potential tenants and get your property rented in a shorter amount of time, having aircon or ceiling fans is essential.