5 Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Home

5 Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Home

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Jan 10 2017

Rustic decor: a little bit country, and very homely.

It’s very easy to create a comfortable and relaxing space with rustic decor, and it can also be quite cost effective.

Down-to-earth, warm, and cosy, you can create the feel of a cabin or country lodge right in your own home.

Here’s 5 ideas for creating the rustic country feel in your home.

1. Lot’s of Love

Reclaimed wood Tree Slice Sculpture Made to von WildSliceDesigns:
Picture credit: etsy.com

To create the homely atmosphere so characteristic of rustic decor, you can include lot’s of loving wall art or pieces in your home.

Think love hearts made of wood (as above), loving quotes and proverbs all over the place on wooden wall pieces, and even framed pictures of family and friends.

You can never have too much love when it comes to rustic decor.

2. A French Twist

love the idea of plaid curtains for my living room. I just might have to start looking for fabric:
 Picture credit: The Endearing Home

You can go rustic without being country classic. To add a French twist to your rustic decor, add antique style furniture and lot’s of off white.

A little bit of dull grey and pale blue will add some colour without taking over the space.

Throw in some French patterns, like paisley or fleur-de-lis, and you have yourself a rustic French home.

3. Fresh Flowers

Picture credit: For Creative Juice

Nothing says “homely” like fresh flowers and plants.

Have some pot plants by the front door for a nice welcome, or keep some flowers hanging from your windows in wooden crates to add to that country feel.

Having fresh flowers on your dining table, in the lounge, and perhaps even on a sideboard in your hallway will add to the homely effect. Go the extra mile by using Australian native flowers to really spice up your colour pallet.

4. A Spicy Scent

[ DIY: Winter Rose Potpourri ] Using: dried rose petals; 1⁄4 cup whole cloves; 1 cup whole allspice; 10 (3-inch) cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces; 8 small bay leaves; 4 whole nutmeg; 3 Tbsp star anise; 2 Tbsp whole cardamom pods. ~from womansday.com:
Picture credit: Woman’s Day

To create a rustic space on another level, think about what your home smells like.


There’s so many methods to add a scent to the space that doesn’t smell artificial and sweet like sprays do.

Find a recipe online for cooking a scent in the oven, filling the home with a breeze of spices. Or you could even use your pressure cooker if you have one to create something citrus inspired. Or just place some potpourri (pictured above) in your lounge room to not only create a scented space, but also a pretty decorative piece.

5. Upcycle

Picture credit: Crafts Zen

As always, every home decor trend has opportunities to create your own pieces and upcycle something vintage and unusual.

Rustic decor uses a lot of wood and country-esque accents, which means for a few cost-effective projects if you’re feeling creative.

Varnish some wooden crates and create something (you can create literally anything out of those fantastic crates) or find a rusted dairy jug (like the one pictured above) or another unusual piece to use in the home.