5 Low Maintenance House Plants

5 Low Maintenance House Plants

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Feb 06 2017

If your home is needing a bit of greenery, but you’re scared of accidentally killing an innocent plant with neglect, fear no more: these 5 plants require minimal care and will look fantastic in any room.

1. Succulents

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A current favourite of many plant enthusiasts, these adorable little plants are perfect to grow indoors with minimal effort. Most succulents require at least half a day of sun and only need to be watered when the soil is dry, so about once every two days.

A common succulent that everyone has heard of is the Aloe Vera plant, which has been used to cure sunburn and mild skin conditions. Growing one of these in your Brisbane home might be your saving grace one hot summer day.

Remember to ask your local nursery about care tips for the succulents you like, as not all of them have the same needs.

2. Peace Lilly

Peace lily’s flowers boost humidity. This eliminates airborne allergens. The moisture emitted by her blooms relieves an irritated nose and throat. Peace lily reduces mold spores by 60 percent. Her leaves absorb the spores, then transport them to her roots for food. Peace lily filters toxic chemicals present in grooming products. When peace lily is happy, she waves white flower flags.:
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Not only is the humble Peace Lilly an absolute delight to look after, but their medicinal properties are incredibly beneficial to those with allergies and colds. These plants’ flowers boost humidity, which helps with airborne allergies and sore throats.

They also reduce mould spores by 60%, absorbing them and using the spores as food. Sometimes a Peace Lilly may seem fussy, but with a lot of water, some sun, and love, they’ll grow their beautiful white flowers and prevent you from getting sick.

3. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

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Another fantastic plant for purifying the air in your home, Mother-in-Law’s Tongues release their oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide at night, unlike all other plants. Keeping one or two in your bedroom will help you have a healthier sleep, as well as look absolutely beautiful.

Not only that, but these plants are the best at filtering out the nasty stuff that comes with cleaning products, toiletries, and even tissues. They do best in places with low light and they love steamy conditions, so keeping one in your bathroom is perfect.

4. Orchids

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Brisbane is the perfect place to care for an Orchid, as our humid conditions are the best for these amazing plants. Some may consider growing an orchid a challenge, but in this weather it’s quite easy. All they need is proper watering.

Besides being absolutely gorgeous and astounding to look at, Orchids (and many other plants) improve focus, purify the air, and relieve stress. It’s been said that having a house plant that requires some extra care is good for battling depression, and many people become attached to their orchids as they watch their hard work bloom into beautiful colours.

5. Pitcher Plants

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These strange plants are absolutely adorable, but also deadly. Pitcher plants are carnivorous, keeping a sweet liquid in their flowers to lure insects to feed on. If you like a plant with beauty and a morbid edge, this is it.

Coming in all sorts of sizes and colours, there are many different types and they’re relatively easy to look after in Brisbane. They enjoy their humid conditions and they love having lot’s of water. If your house is mosquito prone, you can rest easy knowing your little pitchers have it covered.