5 Table Settings for Christmas

5 Table Settings for Christmas

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Dec 19 2016

If you’re usually the host of Christmas dinners, then you’d agree that setting the table is the best part.

Christmas has its own decor trends, and the table is a fantastic place to display your creativity.

Here’s 5 theme ideas for your table setting this year.

1. Rustic: Burlap and Olive Branches

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Think mason jars and natural materials. To add to the ambiance, add sticks of rosemary to some olive branches and weave it in between olive oil scented candles. Paired with the scent of fresh bread and low lighting, the room will feel and smell like a forest cottage, creating a relaxing environment for Christmas dinner.

2. Classic: Gold and Silver

Your table is like a blank canvas that can be filled with personality through the combination of plates, flatware, glasses, and decorations you use to set the scene. With our table setting inspiration, you can find ideas to design the perfect table year-round, whether you're hosting a Spring brunch, backyard barbecue or a Christmas dinner.:
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Start with a crisp white tablecloth as a foundation, and add gold and silver pieces to create an elegant look for your dinner table.

With large pillar candles, decorated baubles, and perhaps even some light tinsel, dinner will be an extravagant affair.

3. Modern: Fresh White with a Touch of Colour

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A hint of simplicity, but still a nice and busy arrangement. Think fresh whites as the base with a pop of colour, which can be Christmas themed. Mirror decor is a fantastic way to add a glamorous, modern touch to any table, and keeping a smaller table with less decor items will add to an intimate dinner.

Vintage: Country Comfort

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With a touch of plaid and lot’s of beautiful flowers, you can create a vintage country feel at your dinner table. Add a red and green plaid table runner, some ceramic decor pieces, and Australian native flowers, and your dining room will practically teleport to the country side.

To really add some nostalgia, go to an op shop and look for Christmas records to play on your turn table (you can find a simple one that doesn’t cost the earth if you don’t have one). Op shops have old records like these for incredibly cheap, and it’ll really transport you to another time.

Minimalism: Silver and Blue

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If you want to bring Christmas Winter to Australia, then this is the way to do it. Create an elegant winter wonderland right in your dining room with white, silver, and a sparkling light blue. You can even collect pine cones and twigs from your back yard and spray paint them to add a snowy, nature feel to the table.

Because these colours are so soothing, it’s completely unnecessary to load up on the decor on your table. Keep it simple to create a relaxed Christmas dinner table setting.