5 decor trends from 2016

5 decor trends from 2016

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Dec 12 2016

After 2016 comes to an end, some decor trends will take a longer time to die out.

Here are 5 decor trends we believe will live on a little longer as we approach the new year.

1. Pineapples

Gold pineapple decor & coral box for office #PrettyLittleShowers:
Picture credit: Pretty Little Showers

Love it or hate it, this decor trend was very popular in 2016 with most people displaying their obsession with pineapples either on their clothes or in their home. Pineapple decorative pieces, wall art, pillows, bedding, and wall paper all featured this year in many homes.

If you own something pineapple-themed, don’t throw it out just yet. This trend might not leave us for a little while.

2. Velvet

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Picture credit: domino magazine

Making a huge come back this year is velvet fabric. Previously seen as a little tacky and outdated, velvet is now the luxury fabric of 2016.

Used on throw pillows, bed covers, furniture, and even curtains, this trend is not going away any time soon, and we’re better for it.

3. Botanical 

Botanical art:
Picture credit: minted

Beautiful dark, forest greens; shrubbery and house plants; even nature-inspired art are all part of this bohoesque trend that is sure to become timeless.

A fun and flexible way to decorate a home, this trend gives you all the potential to unleash your creativity. Create a tropical feel with palm leaf wall art, or paint an old piece of furniture forest green for a luxe, natural look.

4. Button upholstery 

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Picture credit: they all hate us

If you love antique-like furniture with a modern twist, then you’ll love button upholstered furniture. Sofas and arm chairs are where this trend is most common, but ottomans and throw pillows are also a fantastic way to incorporate this trend.

Pair it with velvet fabric for an extra chic and unique piece. To upcycle your current button upholstered furniture, change the legs to something a little different and fresh.

5. Welded metal

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Picture credit: etsy

Metal has made a huge comeback in many styles, from industrial to rustic decor. Paired with wood, it makes for a great addition to a custom piece of furniture, like coffee tables and book shelves.

Welded metal is also great as a decorative piece or even a wastepaper basket for your office. Paint it gold for the glam look or keep it rustic with just plain metal.