5 dog breeds perfect for families

5 dog breeds perfect for families

By Tessa Bezuidenhout on Apr 21 2017

One of the advantages of having your very own house is being able to add a fun and furry family member. Yes, we’re talking about puppies.

Giving your family the gift of a dog teaches kids responsibility, adds joy and energy to your household, and keeps everyone active.

Here’s 5 dog breeds that are absolutely adorable and great for the entire family.

1.       Miniature Schnauzer

Picture credit: Petbarn

A small dog with a big personality, the Mini Schnauzer never fails to amuse and loves being around family. They’re relatively independent without being rude or unaffectionate, and they have a lot of energy without being a “yappy” type of dog.

They’re said to be a vain breed, caring very much how they look and almost posing wherever they stand. Mini Schnauzers are also quite cheeky and conversational, displaying their boisterous personality at every family member.

Be prepared to have your lap constantly taken up by this little guy, as they enjoy being around their loved ones whenever possible and are incredibly warm and loving.

They’re also very easy to train, as they come with a great amount of intelligence and loyalty. You can teach them any trick and they’ll learn quickly.

The best part? Their gorgeous beards and fluffy legs, plus they never lose hair!

2.       Boston Terrier

Picture credit: Animal Planet

If you prefer a breed that’s less naughty, but still fun and energetic, then you would love the affectionately termed “American Gentleman”.

This dog never fails to make you laugh, featuring a permanent disapproving expression on his face, yet they’re so loving and fun to be around. Boston Terriers have earned the “American Gentleman” nickname for a reason, as their coats and facial markings resemble that of a charming, tuxedo-clad friend.

Highly intelligent creatures, Boston Terriers are very easy to train and their short hair makes grooming an absolute breeze.

What makes them perfect for families is their patience and love for children, plus their playful temperament. Described as clown-like, they make for very amusing dogs and a very entertaining little friend.

Another perk of owning these sweet dogs is that they rarely bark, ensuring that you receive no complaints from surrounding neighbours.

3.       Boxer

Picture credit: wallpaper safari

If you have older children and would like a dog that’s very active, then the boxer will make for a great pet. Very big in size and incredibly energetic, these dogs love going outside and playing rough, but they’re also very sweet and humorous, making them fantastic family dogs.

Boxers are named so because of their ability to get on their hind legs and playfully throw their front paws at you, almost as if they were punching you. They are very powerfully built, making them fast runners and high jumpers. Expect a lot of play time with these big dogs.

Despite their huge size and powerful abilities, Boxers are loyal and loving friendly giants. And they’re so sweet and lively.

Boxers make for a fun time, as their personalities are very unique. They’re described as big children that never grow up; they crave attention and love to be outdoors.

4.       West Highland Terrier

Picture credit: PetWave

The perfect in-between for affection and independence, the West Highland Terrier is by no means a lap dog, but will still love you and your children.

Famous for their beautiful white coats, they’re gorgeous animals and all your guests are sure to stop and gush over your very cute Westie. Children instantly fall in love with these dogs and can never lose interest in something that’s as cute as a Westie.

They’re very intelligent dogs, making them easy to train and full of personality. Described as happy-go-lucky, they are very friendly with humans as well as other household pets.

Westies are bold and fun-loving, but don’t mind being left at home to their own amusement during the day, as long as they have toys. They’re mischievous little dogs, but make for loving companions.

Although their coats require grooming, they don’t lose hair, which is perfect for busy families who’d rather spend time playing with their dog than cleaning up after it.

5.       Airedale Terriers

Picture credit: flickr

Known as the King of the Terriers, these are the biggest terrier breed and make for fantastic family pets.

Their most amazing feature is their brain. Arguably one of the smartest dogs you’ll ever have, Airedales are quick learners and have incredible cognitive functions. Training them is fun and easy, but sometimes they get bored and lose interest because of their high intelligence.

They’re not overly active dogs, but still require walking, making them perfect for busy families who want cuddles and down time rather than hours of playing.

Airedale personalities are described as bubbly and clownish, but they make excellent guard dogs as well. They’ll protect your family, but still greet friends appropriately with proper training. They love their families, are extremely loyal, and all round lovely companions.